Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Earn Cash - Prizes - Gift Certificates

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Earn Extra Cash and Get Free Products

For years I have taken online surveys which lets me earn extra income, online gift certificates and free products. I started slow. I joined a few paid survey websites and over time joined more and more paid survey websites. Within a few months I realized I was being offered dozens of paid surveys per week. All of the paid survey opportunities are sent straight to my email account. The more paid survey websites you join the more of an opportunity you have to generate the extra income you desire.

When joining paid survey websites I suggest you create a folder within the email account you choose to use to receive your confirmation emails. Doing so helps you stay organized AND when you need your username and password you have your needed information within the folder. This is just a suggestion to help stay on top of things.

Keep in mind there are many scam website out on the web. The paid survey websites I promote here in this Hub are paid survey websites I am a member of and know that each of them pay you for your time, let you earn online gift certificates and send you free products.

Here is a "Huge Tip" when joining paid survey websites. Join as many paid survey websites as you can. This will increase your chances of earning good steady extra income. Joining one or two paid survey websites will not help you earn the steady monthly income you are seeking. The more you join the more paid survey opportunities you will receive in your email account.

Some of the paid survey websites pay me through Paypal, some pay me with online gift certificates (which add up fast) and some send me free products. Keep in mind that when you receive online gift certificates there is usually an experation date. Last year I saved my earned gift certificates and spent them on Christmas gifts.

OK, below is a list of the paid survey websites I have been a member of for years. I hope you enjoy them.